The beginning of an Adventure

Back in October of 2010, Tommy and I got the idea to apply for a snowboard school out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A couple weeks later we both got acceptance letters in the mail. Realizing how big of an adventure this could be we decided to go with it and move there in the summer of 2011 to attend school that fall. The idea of moving was exciting and new, never moving before in my life besides 5 minutes away, and the adventure will be something that effects and changes our lives forever.

Before leaving we joined our friends Coop, Amy, Nia, and Timmy on a camping vacation at the Outer Banks. Day after day we sat on the beach, went exploring, and just let the outside world around us disappear. The fires on the beach at night will be vividly in my mind forever. Its hard not to find peace with the stars out. the waves crashing, and a fire lighting up the sand. Every night Tommy and I would take a walk down the beach looking for drift wood and old camp fire logs so we could have more wood to burn. The last night of our trip we went exploring for driftwood and happened to find our fire from the previous night. I helped Tommy dig out the firewood and as I went to stand back up he took my hand and proposed to me. We didn't realize at the time, but the large family not to far from us was watching us the whole time, and when I said yes the roared with cheers and clapped for us. Tommy had Coop take pictures for us of him asking and it was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip. Then on the way home we blew out a tire, thanked God we didn't flip the car, walked a mile, hitch hiked and 3 hours later got back on the road, safe and sound.

Today is our last day in Ohio, which is incredibly weird to say and amazing to be doing. This move truly defines the saying that something is bittersweet. I have never felt this mix of emotions at these levels ever in my life. Its excitement, happiness, anxious, nervous, worried, and extremely sad all at the same time in full blast. I'm pretty sure anyone going through this for the first time could be considered bi-polar easily. But as crazy as the emotions are my gut feeling is telling me this is right. And I feel God with me, watching over and smiling at me, that I made my dreams come true with his blessing and I have the best person I could right there with me willing to take the same journey.

Yesterday, was one of the hardest days of my life. We took all of the boxes we have been packing over the last few months and finally got all of our belongings into a 5'X8' U-haul trailer. Its one thing to talk about moving, its another to pack all your belongings into a truck and leave. My grandpa came over to watch us pack the U-haul, he felt bad he didn't really get to sit down and chat with us at our family cookout. Tommy listened as he told more stories and they talked for a while. Man, my grandpa loves Tommy to death. I think he would spend every day with him if he could. When we went to leave I wasn't expecting what happened. I went to hug my grandpa goodbye and he started to cry. I have never seen my grandpa cry but he cried hard and hugged me and Tommy. He so far has been the hardest to say goodbye to. I can only pray that its not the last time I see him, but I know hes thinking it could be.

Tonight, we say bye to our families and get on the road. Like I said, its bittersweet and such a complex mix of emotions, I know there will be more tears today but more smiles on the way.