(7) Soha.

In Art History, I had a habit of drawing random things in my notebook while listening and taking notes. At first, I had sat at the front of the class but was confronted by the teacher to move to the back because my drawing distracted her. She was not offended by my drawing but enjoyed watching me draw so much that she would forget what she was talking about. So the next class I decided to take a seat in the back. I had arrived early and sat down next to the only person that was also early.

Soha and I became great friends that quarter of school. One night she confronted me about what I was doing with my life. She wanted to know why I was doing nursing if my heart wasn't in it. She could tell I loved art and thought I had talent that could be used. She talked to me about Visual Communications and I quickly fell in love with the idea. I decided to change my major.

When I started taking art classes, I spent hours upon hours in the art building. I found myself on Friday and Saturday nights working on projects. Sometimes just because I had gotten a great idea and wanted to carry it out. It was not uncommon to see lots of other art students there too working away on projects at late hours. I always had friends around. There were many nights I would take a break and visit Soha in the painting studio or computer lab. She was one of my best friends. She always told me exactly what she thought. Whether she agreed with me or not. And always thought I was crazy for loving snowboarding so much. She inspired me to be the best I could be. Challenged me to be successful and never give up. She knew my faults and accepted me regardless.

I was changing and for the better. After many conversations with Soha about life I no longer felt as guilty as I did about my mistakes. I had somewhat of a direction in life, a positive outlook, and was not even close to feeling alone anymore. Soha brought out the best in me.