(8) The Beginning of a New Me

The more I got into the Design program the more I fell in love with it. I decided I wanted to gear my art and design towards snowboarding. I had found the way I could make snowboarding a part of my everyday life. I became even more dedicated to school and snowboarding than I ever was before.

I became active in the Design community. I challenged myself on every project. I never took an easy solution or slacked on a idea. I dedicated whatever time needed to create the best possible project and solution. I absolutely loved every thing about it. Design became a huge part of my life and I still have that passion fueling me.

The more I dedicated myself to design the more I dedicated myself to snowboarding. I pushed myself and challenged myself to become the best snowboarder and Instructor I could be. I had always pushed myself to achieve the most I could and work hard at everything I did but I pushed myself even father and even harder than I ever had.

Being a junior in college, I had finally figured out who I was and where I wanted to go in life. Even though my parents had divorced and I myself had found no luck with any boyfriends I stayed positive. I knew what I wanted in life and I was determined to get there. I dealt with the things life threw at me in positive ways. I started to become closer to my family and spend less time around parties. And most of all I found my Faith again. That winter season, I worked full time at Snow Trails while going to school full time. I decided to go for my Level 2 National Certification for Instructing and passed. All the hard work I was doing was paying off. I loved my life and everyone in it.