(9) February 24th, 2008

With the joys of passing my Level 2 Certification still in the air, snowboarding was absolutely perfect. I had great students and great co workers. People who were supportive and happy for me to achieve this goal. I honestly did not think life could get any better for me. I was a designer, a snowboarder, instructor, and a unbelievably happy person. Surprisingly, that was just the beginning of happiness. A product of my hard work, dedication, and talent.

Shortly after passing my certification, I started talking to a guy that had been around for the last few years. A couple of his friends were instructors with me and whenever they came up to snowboard we'd talk and hang out a little bit. He had always been around and I had always felt attracted to him but I had never really gotten to know him on a deep scale. Finally, I decided to start talking to him more and find out if he was interested in me too. We started hanging out at Snow Trails more, went on a couple dates, and talked all the time. I had no doubt in my mind from day one that I wanted to be with him forever. He understood me and loved the same things I did in life. He supported my dreams and ambitions. He accepted my faults and my mistakes as well as my strengths and perfections. We were in love and the world was our playground.

I had become exactly who I wanted to be. A designer, a snowboarder, a teacher, and a future wife to an amazing guy. I had become dependable, dedicated, hard working, and passionate. I decided nothing was impossible if you just tried hard enough. I knew that the road ahead of me would have its challenges and rough times but I knew I could get through them. After everything I had been through already I knew that not much could stand in my way.