(3) Dreams Do Come True.

My junior year in high school a lot changed. I had lost 60 pounds since the year before, gotten involved in football training, made a completely new set of friends, and had a consistent boyfriend. I got in more trouble than I knew what to do with. My friends were crazy and I had an absolute blast. I remember that winter was amazing. I could snowboard. I was learning how to perfect my carving and how to hit beginner boxes and rails. I remember telling Laura that I wanted to be an Instructor and teach other kids how to snowboard so they wouldn't hate it like I did at one point. I also told her I that maybe once I was an Instructor I could become pro or own a snowboard company and help other people become pro. I was inspired to be the best I could be as a snowboarder. I was falling in love with the sport. The rest of that season was a blast and at the end of it I asked about being an instructor the following year. I filled out an application, applied, and got hired for the next season.

The next year and a half was rough on me. The relationship I was in took a turn for the worst, in more words than I can describe. I lost some friendships due to the issues that arose from that relationship. And a lady that was much like a grandmother to me and had helped me through the hard times past away from cancer. I felt very alone and turned to snowboarding to help me through it all.

My first year teaching, fourth season snowboarding, was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I don't remember if I was every really shy with the people I worked with but they very quickly became my family. I was so happy to find a place I belonged completely. I learned more than I could have ever imagined about snowboarding. I made my students smile and have a good time. I was completely wrapped up in the little bubble that Snow Trails provided. I had accomplished something I never imagined would happen. I had a dream the season before to instruct and I made that dream come true. I had just shown myself dreams can come true if you try hard enough. And when the season ended, I cried.