(2) Snowboarding VS Ashley Round 2

I don't remember the gap between my first couple winter seasons. I never missed the snow and I certainly didn't miss falling on my ass all the time. When the winter season came around, I signed up for ski club again. My mom, who taught at the school, decided to fill an adviser spot in the club. This time I started the season with a friend I knew equaled me in skill and wouldn't leave me on the hill alone. However, when we got out there to attempt snowboarding I got frustrated quickly. The smile I had on my face the season before was way past gone. I was having a horrible time and was ready to quit all together 2 nights into the season.

My mom refused to let me quit since she had already paid for the ski pass and told me to just keep taking lessons until I got it. I really did not want to take a lesson, I was too worried about how it would make me look in front of my other snowboarding friends if I took a lesson. But after struggling and not having a choice to quit I gave in. Laura and I took a group lesson. This time the group was smaller. Our instructors were nice, funny, and took the time to get to know us. One of the guys I recognized as the guy I had asked the year before how to get to the bunny hill. I didn't know how well I would get to know them in the future but I did recognize how much they loved to snowboard. I learned enough to spark my interest in snowboarding again. I could stand up, fall and get back up, and stop without falling. I had learned it all in one night when I had spent a whole season doing less than that. I decided to take more lessons after that. I learned how to carve and how to fall on a box. I had made progress and I wanted more.

Some point halfway through that season, I had made friends with one of our foreign exchange students named Estelle. She wanted to try snowboarding but she just had a guest pass for the evening and didn't want to try to take a lesson. So Laura and I took her to the man made bump of snow that was called the Never Ever hill and showed her how to get in her board. We had climbed to the top of the little never ever and strapped in. I was about to teach her how to stop, something I considered really important to know, so I strapped in and started down the hill. When I was getting ready to turn to stop I caught my edge, flew through the air, and landed hard and awkwardly on my right arm. I knew right away that I had broken it.

Snowboarding had won again. I didn't stop snowboarding though. Your not supposed to snowboard/ski with a broken arm but we only had a few more nights of ski club and I was not willing to give up just when I was getting the hang of it all. So we hid my cast and finished out the season. The end of this season was hard to let go of and the months that followed felt like an eternity. But I had won.