(10) The end of The beginning

The last couple years of my schooling I worked for a design company. Started as an internship and got hired on part time. I attended the local design communities functions, as well as national functions, whenever I could go to them. I started finding my own clients here and there. Unfortunately, towards the end of school I got so busy that I had to leave the design company I was working for. I didn't want to mess up all my hard work at the end of my schooling. Over the years at school, I became really close to some of the teachers I had. They truly believed in me as a designer, artist, and friend. They have been a great inspiration to me and are a constant reminder to never give up. The beginning of a career is always the hardest part. The next couple years after graduation will be the hardest.

I continued to teach snowboarding and even started training the new hire snowboard instructors. I had a few set backs with injuries on my way to becoming the best snowboarder I could be but I've healed a lot and hope to change that over the years to come. I picked up long boarding along the way to help cope with off season blues. I started planning more of what I wanted to do with my own company. I wanted to use my talents to make great products for skiers and snowboarders. I wanted to create hats, hoodies, bandannas, shirts, outwear, and equipment. I had attended a camp for snowboarding the summer between my sophomore year and junior year of college in Whistler and wanted to created a smaller more affordable camp through my company. My ideas about my company expanded and grew. I was determined to get there someday. Even if it was down the road a ways. All that mattered is that I eventually got there.

I fell more and more in love with Tommy as the months passed and we became the best of friends. I know that we will grow old together and be there for each other for the rest of our lives. We have much a head of us to experience and go through. A journey in itself. He is the best friends I have ever had. He knows me better than anyone else.

Its just the end of the beginning in this journey of life.